John Hirshman, director, Drakes

“Absolutely amazing it looks incredible, can’t wait to go back. Wow, wow, wow,” exclaimed just one of thousands of happy customers who have visited the new Drakes store that opened in Plymouth’s Circus Shopping Centre last December.

The new location, with an 82 foot shop front and 1700 square feet of shop floor space make the new Drakes one of the largest jewellery stores in the South West and the culmination of three years in development and planning. “The finished product is truly stunning. When the hoarding came down just before the opening day on December 3 2014, it took our breath away. It was a very emotional moment for myself and the team,” recalls John.

“The design and layout of the store has truly brought Drakes back into the forefront of jewellery retailing. It has enabled us to stock a wider product range in a very relaxed and contemporary environment. We are fast becoming a destination for people looking to make a jewellery purchase.”


The opening of Drakes’ new store was the public expression of an even deeper business restructuring and repositioning. “We have become more structured and innovative in the way that we run the business, offering special events, strong seasonal window campaigns and dividing the store into two distinctive areas; a branded boutique on the left and a Diamond and Bridal Lounge on the right.

“The two sides have totally different environments that really complement each other and offer our customers a wide variety of product and impeccable customer service,” John explains.