Tom and Ed Ferris, co-directors, Swag and Burrells Jewellers

The Ferris family celebrated 40 years of business in style at the end of last year as they hosted 400 of their staff and suppliers at a big charity event in Covent Garden, London.

“It was a great marker for the last 40 years,” says Ed. “I am delighted we could do it and raise £30,000 for our favourite charity.” He adds: “Reaching 40 years in business was a big thing for us and a very proud moment for me as a son to celebrate my Dad’s achievement.”

The milestone took the company down a path of reflection, with Ed noting: “It has re-focused the mind on who we want to be. It has made us look very hard at ourselves with a critical eye, but also at our goals for the years ahead.”


The brothers have set out very clear aims for the next 12 months which all focus around family, customer relationships and developing the company’s image. “These are all the fundamental aspects of the business that our father built initially and they’re still our cornerstones,” says Ed.

From the photo it is clear to see Ed and Tom have a sense of humour. When asked what the photo says about them, they answer: “We have always tried to do our self-promoting through the way we look and not give away too many secrets, but behind closed doors we like to have fun, not take life seriously and be able to poke fun at ourselves.

“I think as soon as an ego gets involved in a business you are in trouble! The photo sums up how close we are. Different animals, but part of the same show.”

Other celebrations for the Ferris family this year included them appearing in the Times newspaper as the second fastest growing mid-market company in the UK. Needless to say Tom and Ed were pleased to be recognised for the huge change the company has gone through in just a short time.

As the pair’s portfolio now includes six Swag stores, Burrells Jewellers in Tunbridge wells, 19 Pandora franchise shops and the UK distribution of Diamonfire, we can’t even imagine what 40 more years in business will mean for the Ferris’ but we know it will be great.

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