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HOT 100 2015 TRAILBLAZERS: Dr Robert Organ

Robert Organ

Robert has had a dynamic 12 months with a very definite peak in April when his pioneering student event, Make Your Mark, returned for its second, successful year.

“Held at Goldsmiths’ Hall over two days and organised by my team in the Assay Office, it was a great opportunity for those coming in to the trade – potential students, current students and recent graduates – to gain information and make useful contacts,” Robert explains.

The event included a series of inspiring talks from trade leaders, as well as exhibitors from the worlds of manufacturing and trade organisations. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the Goldsmiths’ Company to share its vision and ideals with a packed crowd of students, with Robert noting: “I am passionate about educating the next generation of the importance of hallmarking, not only for consumer and trade protection, but also as a wonderful marketing tool.”

He continues: “The need for hallmarking remains as important as ever especially with the relatively high prices of precious metals — you still cannot tell how much of the pure metal is in an alloy by touch, weight, colour, taste or smell. I am particularly proud that later this year, the Company will be playing host to the 40th Anniversary of the Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (“The Hallmarking Convention”). The International Association of Assay Offices, which London is the Secretariat, takes place immediately afterwards. With hallmarking representatives from all over the world congregating at Goldsmiths’ Hall, it could be said that ‘hallmarking is coming home’.”

Growing up, Robert was always surrounded by creativity and he’s now a keen photographer in his spare time. “My work is documentary in style and inspired by the work of the Magnum group of photographers and the documentary photography movement which was prevalent in South Wales in the early 1980s,” he explains.

Aside from these pursuits, Robert is busy trying to train his pet Shiba Inu, Nagi, pictured with him here. He adds: “I am pleased to say that has reached the point where she is able to hallmark, so it seems appropriate that she should appear with me in the photoshoot for the Hot 100.”


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