HOT 100 2015 TRAILBLAZERS: Lucy Reece-Raybould

Lucy is a natural born entertainer, relishing in the opportunity to have people round, take them out of their comfort zones and make them feel special — something which sounds perfectly in-line with her role at the Company of Master Jewellers.

This year the CMJ launched the ‘CMJ on Tour’ roadshow, enabling Lucy and the team to meet members of the CMJ family face-toface. She says: “2016 will see my team and I really taking responsibility to make sure that we deliver added value to our trusted, supportive suppliers as well as our retail members — it’s lonely out there for them and I want to work harder to make the relationship between CMJ its suppliers and retailers even stronger.”

On top of visiting current members Lucy welcomed 12 new retail members to the CMJ family this year — the largest recruitment in a 12 month period since 2007. This growth means CMJ can continue to operate at the highest level and ensure its membership successfully competes with the High Street.

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In acknowledgment of market competition, the CMJ developed new point of sale materials for its retailers. Initially launched for the four main gifting days – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and Fathers day – CMJ are now in the process of developing an entire 12 month personalised POS offer.

Lucy says: “CMJ is an amazing group of people, whose needs are forever changing – both on the supplier and retailer side – and I am really excited to continue to meet those challenges head on.”

In keeping with taking people in and making them feel welcome; Lucy is really excited about the launch of the Next Generation Network Group. This initiative was inspired by CMJ chairman Stephen Hughes, who has three teenage boys all looking at a future in Stephen’s business. She explains: “This initiative brings together the 13-to-18 year-olds who may be considering working in the family business; launched with our retail members and extending to approved suppliers in 2016. Succession, retirement and letting go are key areas where we will be aiming to support both members and suppliers. I also have plans for a 19-to-30’s group in 2016 too!”

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention Lucy’s incredible achievements with the CMJ’s buying event parties — arguably the best trade ‘nights out’ the Hilton Birmingham Metropole has ever seen…



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