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HOT 100 2015 TRENDSETTERS: Fei Liu

Fei Liu, owner, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery.

This year marks designer Fei Liu’s 10th year in the jewellery industry and what a stellar decade it’s been.

To mark the occasion Fei presented some of his most show-stopping bespoke high-jewellery designs to a crowd of press, friends, family and industry insiders in London earlier this year; highlighting just how multi-talented this trendsetter really is.

Fei says: “My greatest achievement over the past year has to be the event I had in London. Aside from celebrating my achievements in the industry, I wanted the event to publicise my bespoke services to the UK. So far, my bespoke pieces have predominantly been for clients in the East but I would relish the opportunity to create jewellery for people here. It was wonderful having friends and colleagues see what I’ve done and what I’m capable of.”

Speaking of friends, Fei has a special place in his heart for his nearest and dearest, especially those who have stood by him in recent years. He explains: “My family have been very supportive and so have my friends; I’m very grateful for that.”

Elsewhere, he’s also been cultivating stronger relationships with retailers by going on more store visits. “It is important for us to understand their target markets and work with them to market our brand through their store effectively,” he notes. “Supporting retailers is crucial to our model.”

Fei likes to bring his adventurous side to the forefront when he leaves the office, including rock climbing, travelling, exploring new places and trying out new recipes. If you ever see him jogging round Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter you’ll know he’s on a mission to chill out. He explains: “It really helps to take my mind off things.”


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