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HOT 100 2015 TRENDSETTERS: Marisa Hordern


Marisa Hordern was crowned a Trendsetter in Professional Jeweller’s Hot 100 2011 following the successful relaunch of her brand Missoma.

Fast forward four years and here she is in our Trendsetter category again; continuing to push boundaries and create covetable fashion-forward jewels.

Missoma’s collaboration with blogger Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now exceeded the company’s expectations this year, with the success of the partnership increasing brand awareness and giving Missoma a wider social media following.

In addition the company also launched a new website this year – the result of a six month project that saw Marisa put time and effort into web-design and functionality. The good news is the hard work paid off and Marisa is proud of the strong look and user journey on the site. She says: “It represents and showcases Missoma the way I have always wanted it to be seen.”

On top of this the brand has also been heavily involved in private label work, designing and producing collections for some of the top fashion and jewellery multiples in the UK and abroad. “This has been particularly successful in growing our revenue and in turn allowing us to move our brand forward,” says Marisa.

Looking at the year ahead, she adds: “Our private label business continues to show strong growth and we plan to focus on this and continue to explore all opportunities. We are also excited to be introducing a second Lucy Williams x Missoma collaboration collection for Christmas.”

Being a designer Marisa admits she finds it hard to switch off — especially as her mother and sister are involved in the brand’s creative design. “Sometimes we have to agree not to discuss work, otherwise it can take over every discussion as we are never short of ideas,” she explains.

When it came to choosing a location for her photo Marisa chose her house because she says it is where she feels most free. “I always design from home as I am surrounded by all my favourite things and it’s where I feel most inspired.”


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