Ruth Bewsey, director, Daisy London.

As the countdown began and the clock struck 12, Ruth Bewsey never anticipated at New Years that by March she would be made a director of Daisy London.

Having worked within the company for six years in many different roles, being made director was an awarding promotion for Ruth. “I still smile when I say I was made a director,” she beams.

In Ruth’s previous role she was in charge of the day to day running of the company — being the go to girl for everyone’s questions. Now she has to ensure everyone knows their roles to a fault, how to succeed and how to grow. She says: “As my role has changed, I now fi nd time to focus on the bigger picture of the company, the product development, the aims and ambitions, whilst also acting in a supportive and motivational role.”


Ruth is a perfect fit for the brand as she describes herself in essence as “the Daisy girl”. She is someone who has an open mind to the world around her and takes influence from patterns, textiles, architecture and travel. Now, she wants to introduce new products to the brand that hone in on the lifestyle interests of the Daisy girl.

This year Daisy London has introduced its first celebrity collaboration, something Ruth is particularly excited about. She explains:“The initial conversation started in October 2014 with friend and supporter of the brand, Laura Whitmore. It’s an exciting time with a lot of inspirational change happening.”

With a passion for singing, Ruth used to perform a couple of gigs a week but decided to take a break in order to completely focus on Daisy. Now in her spare time Ruth can be found writing songs and planning adventures. “I can spend hours talking about new places to go, camping trips, festivals, a road trip in Europe. Some happen, some don’t, but I think imagination is such an important part of all of us and with so much at our fingertips we should try and see as much as possible.”