Lisa Levinson, country manager Forevermark UK & Ireland, HRA Group

This year saw the launch of Forevermark in the UK, and the brand’s team members are delighted with the warm reception it has received – no one more so than country manager Lisa Levinson.

“It’s the story of Forevermark that makes me really excited,” she says. “I believe that the hard work put in by everyone who cares for our diamonds along their journey is what makes a Forevermark diamond special. It makes me proud knowing that our diamonds have integrity and contribute positively to each person and community involved.

“For example, when I was living in Botswana and working for De Beers Group with rough diamonds I saw the many benefits that diamonds can have for producer communities – evident in the infrastructure, hospitals and employment levels,” she continues.


“Equally important is the development of a craftsmanship culture; it takes a lot of expertise to unleash the beauty of a rough diamond.”

Forevermark now boasts more than 1,800 points of sale in the UK and across the world, and is continuing to grow. This summer the brand launched a new-generation Black Label collection of fancy-shape diamond cuts, using its own proprietary technology to maximise the brilliance of each stone through accurate and symmetrical cutting.

“The value of diamonds comes from consumers’ desire, and it’s great to see that British consumers value our efforts in delivering a beautiful diamond,” Lisa adds.

“Our job is to create emotional value for these consumers and economic value for the communities in the diamond-producing areas. Jewellers and retailers are key in this journey, because they are the ones who share the story of our diamonds with the customers, and a lot of value is created.”