HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Emma Begent-Cove, Jewellery Buyer,


Being a jewellery buyer at comes with a challenge: how can a brand that is so well known for its timepieces achieve the same success with jewellery?

Since joining the company, Emma Begent-Cove has proved herself more than capable of overcoming such a challenge, however – as is demonstrated by her many successes over the past year in particular.

“My biggest achievement has been the expansion of our range of brands, and really making the jewellery side of our business stand alone in its own right, rather than just acting as a sideline to watches,” she explains.

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Offering a jewellery range to complement a broad watch portfolio has always been the intention at, and Emma is confident that this goal has now been reached, following a successful launch event for the newest collections in July.

“There were several weeks of planning involved and seeing the final product was very gratifying. I was so proud of all the work the team and I put in,” she reflects.

“I think the jewellery range we now offer is hugely varied and will only improve as time goes on, further supporting our robust organic and international growth,” says Emma about the business.

“I am hoping that all of the strong relationships we have built with our partners over the last 12 months will enable us to continue to develop our jewellery boutique, and also to add new and exciting brands to our portfolio,” she adds.

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