Natalia Rocchi, H Samuel bridal diamond buyer, Signet Jewelers

Natalia Rocchi is a homemaker at heart, surrounding herself with mementos of her travels, pictures of the people who are important to her, and the modern art and portrait photography she so loves.

“I have been a fan of pop art since I was a teenager, and during my university years discovered photographers such as David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Cindy Sherman and David Bailey,” she elaborates. “I enjoy visiting exhibitions in my spare time, and my passion for art and all things creative undoubtedly influences my creative process at work.”

And it’s clearly having a positive effect. Natalia’s efforts to drive the bridal business at H Samuel and reinforce the brand have resulted in a significant growth in market share – against the backdrop of a highly competitive high-street arena.“The team and I have maintained a continuous focus on growing our branded diamond range, through product development and ensuring that our customers are offered the best in design, quality and manufacture,” she explains.


The fruits of this intensive product development work are set to be revealed over the course of the next 12 months, and the team is excited by the prospect of delivering stylish new designs across all of H Samuel’s diamond brands.“Being part of a fast-paced and high-profile department within Signet Jewelers is something I am incredibly proud of,” Natalia enthuses. And rightly so.