HOT 100 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Tobias Kormind & David Allen, Managing Director & Creative Director, 77 Diamonds


As the self-styled “new breed” of jeweller specialising in engagement rings and diamond jewellery, 77 Diamonds finds itself at the cutting edge of online retail. And there’s no doubting what the big focus is: optimisation.

In its quest to bring simplicity, clarity, choice and value to the process of buying the highest quality diamonds and bespoke jewellery, the company has been throwing all its resource at creating a fully responsive website capable of handling the demands of the new generation of mobile shopper.

While the complexity of its website meant this task took longer than it would have liked, the results have made the wait worthwhile, with managing director Tobias Kormind pointing to a large spike in mobile sales since it went live.

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“It has allowed us to open up to a mobile-first marketing strategy around Instagram and other social media channels, which has really helped us push branding across these platforms,” he says. “It has also allowed us to create more personal, individualised CRM campaigns, which has dramatically increased user engagement given that diamond jewellery purchases are so emotive and sentimental.”

With brand awareness increasing rapidly and the company capturing new buyers every week, it’s easy to forget that the business has been around for a decade. “We celebrated 10 years as a company this year, which was a proud moment having also celebrated my personal five-year anniversary with the company,” says creative director, David Allen.

“Seeing the growth and changes that have happened in the last five years has been a wonderful achievement for everyone involved in the company.

Hanover Square is where 77 Diamonds’ headquarters is based, so the pair felt it a fitting location to pose for the Hot 100 cameras. “The statue in the park features William Pitt the Younger – Britain’s youngest Prime Minister – which is something quite apt: someone younger and new making a difference – something as a company we can relate to,” says David.

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