HOT 100 NEXGEMS: Dalia Daou, Owner, Director & Designer, Daou Jewellery


In a single summer, following just two-and-a-half years’ work, Dalia Daou has won the New Designer of the Year UK Jewellery Award and a place in Rock Vault, not to mention making it into the PJ Hot 100.

“After a lot of work on the presentation of the brand over the past year, and of course building up more designs, these achievements are just fantastic!” she says excitedly. Indeed, not only have these accolades served to boost Dalia’s own belief in her work as a relative newcomer to the industry, she is also sure they will “contribute to building the confidence potential buyers should have in Daou Jewellery”.

Having created a website and look book, Dalia now plans to invest in more brand promotion and seek new stockists for her collections – as well as creating more elegant and contemporary designs.

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“Showing at IJL and LFW for the first time last year definitely helped me to raise awareness of the brand and introduce Daou to different sectors of the jewellery and luxury industry, and I hope this will also be the case at subsequent shows. Of course this year I have more to shout about, with the additional endorsement of the awards!” she smiles.

So, with all of this hard work ahead, how does Dalia plan to spend her relaxation time? “Travel is my absolute favourite thing to do, even if it’s just a weekend out of London in the countryside. It completely refreshes and reinvigorates. But seeing friends is also important – and laughing until we cry!”

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