Daniella Draper, founder and designer, Daniella Draper Jewellery

In just two years, jewellery designer Daniella Draper has grown her Lincolnshire business from a small craft unit and website to three standalone stores with a full ecommerce platform. “My single greatest business success was closing the door on Christmas Eve knowing that my team and I had fulfilled every order placed through my website and stores,” she says.

But with all of the design work being undertaken by her good self, and the personalisation and most manufacturing carried out in-house byher and her team, this was no mean feat. “Christmas was a massive learning curve in terms of logistics and timing,” Daniella concedes. “Going forward we now have the experience to put in place the right systems and procedures to increase our efficiency and expand our services during crazy peak holiday times.”

The brand has become particularly popular thanks to its active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram – as well as through celebrity endorsement. “Our brand is a lifestyle, it’s not just about the jewellery, and social media is a wonderful medium to interact with our customers, press and brand ambassadors near and far.”


Having been brought up by the sea, the coast is a key influence in her design work, the place she goes to unwind, and a theme that is carried through to the retail environment.

“All of our shops have enormous sea shells, as well as giant energy crystals, fresh flowers, scented candles, antique display units and highly trained staff in casual chic uniforms,” she explains. “This all contributes to creating the ultimate customer experience, and the sales and feedback we’ve been getting go to prove that we’re on the right track.”