Hot 100 NexGems Q&A: Sian Bostwick


The Kent jeweller on new collections, stockists and bespoke creations.

As we look forward to the reveal of the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 on September 3 we hear from 2012’s NexGems about being part of the Hot 100, what it means for business and what’s next for the jewellery brands. Today we hear from Sian Bostwick who says the Hot 100 opened doors to new stockists, sales and press coverage.

Professional Jeweller: You were named a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGem in 2012 – what did this mean for your business?
Sian Bostwick: Being selected for Hot 100 is a wonderful seal of approval so it was an honour, especially to be placed alongside so many very talented designers. It was wonderful and gave me, personally, a great confidence boost – I feel like I am on the right path and could push my designs and the Sian Bostwick Jewellery brand further and further. Being part of the Hot 100 has increased the profile of Sian Bostwick Jewellery meaning new stockists, press features, shows and sales. It has also increased my profile and recognition which has meant a huge increase in the bespoke jewellery I am asked to create for some very special people.

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PJ: Tell us about the year since the Hot 100, how has business evolved?
SB: It’s been a year of great growth and has been very, very busy. We are looking forward to growing even more. New collections and stockists and lots of wonderful shows and events have kept us very busy in the workshop and there has also been the chance to increase the amount of bespoke jewellery I create. Engagement rings with hidden details have become a speciality and it has been so lovely to be involved in so many love stories this way. We have had some great coverage and press features internationally, and had our large Wonderland neckpiece featured in the latest Lark jewellery book 500 Art Necklaces.

PJ: What can we expect next from the brand?
SB: We will be completing the Tristan & Iseult collection with jewellery pieces based on [the tale of] Iseult with complementing masculine Tristan pieces. There will be lots of jewellery shows, pop-up shops and new stockist. I would love to break into some international stockists, too. Sian Bostwick Jewellery is also looking at a collaboration with a very talented hat designer but that is all still very much in development. I am also keeping an eye out for a bigger workshop too; as we get busier and busier more hands are needed in the workshop.

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