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Hot 100 NexGems Q&A: Sushilla Done


On sourcing gems and winning stockists on the East Coast of the USA.

As we look forward to the reveal of the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 on September 3 we hear from 2012’s NexGems about being part of the Hot 100, what it means for business and what’s next for the jewellery brands. Today we speak to Sushilla Done, founder of gemstone jewellery brand SuShilla, who has won stockists in the US since last being part of the Hot 100, as well as a number of London-based jewellery stores.

You were named a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGem in 2012 – what did this mean for your business?
Sushilla Done: To be recognised by the industry was a huge boost both on a professional and personal level. There is no doubt that being picked as a NexGem has raised the profile of my brand. It has given me the confidence to be both more adventurous with the stones I use and in the way I approach potential stockists. I spent a week in New York in June visiting shops with samples and now have four new stockists on the East Coast, including Collette in Sag Harbour with others in the pipeline. I am always trying to take my collections to the next level and this year I have introduced multicoloured sapphire stones. This has of course raised a few of my pieces to a new price point but luckily both existing and new stockists have been prepared to take a punt on this collection, named Talitha, which is now stocked in EC One and Goodman Morris, with more to follow.

PJ: Tell us about the year since the Hot 100, how has business evolved?
SD: I have had an amazing year with new stockists in the UK including more in London. From September I will be stocked by Kohatu & Petros, Blackbird-London and Miquella. I am also in discussion with a couple of other high profile London shops.

PJ: What can we expect next from the brand?
SD: More stones! During my twice-yearly visits to India I will be spending time sourcing new stones as well as working on new collections. Already my creative designer husband and I are at the drawing stage for a new collection next year. I have also been asked to source semi precious stones for an interior design company hoping to create a mosaic wall for a bathroom.

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