David Clark, managing director, W.E Clark & Son

David Clark has had to make some big calls during his time in the industry, none more so than when he took the decision to withdraw from Pandora.

“It was a tough decision, but definitely the right one,” asserts the East Sussex-based retailer. “For me, the number one brand in the business is ‘Clark’, and when that started to fade a little I felt I had to act to protect the brand and the business. In the last year we have certainly breathed a lot of life into the Clark brand, with us now undertaking more bespoke commissions than ever before.”

Cutting ties with the Danish jewellery giant has allowed W.E. Clark & Son to focus on what it does best: selling high-end bespoke jewellery. “I think every business has to stand back and take stock of their position; the refocus I referred to has given me just this opportunity. I am proud to be the fourth generation of Clarks to run the business, and totally passionate about what I do. I am now going to work towards making our business excel in selling beautiful jewellery. I am not racing to expand how many shops I can get, I want to ensure I make what I have now work to its maximum efficiency.”


David has always been very keen to develop the customers that the East Sussex retailer has, rather than get obsessed with the more expensive option of trying to gain lots of new customers. One of the company’s biggest assets is its 18,000-strong database. It has been successful in using the data to organise in-store events that appeal to customers’ specific interests.

“Last year we ran a very successful promotion that demonstrated diamond polishing along with the support of beautiful diamond stock pieces, and this event produced sales equating to nearly one month’s turnover,” reveals David.