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HOT 100 RETAIL STARS: Helen Dimmick, Managing Director, Green + Benz

Helen Dimmick, managing director, Green + Benz

A jewellery retailer is only as good as its staff – and Helen Dimmick is determined to repay the efforts of her employees following a whirlwind period of growth at her Sheffield and Chesterfield based business.

Within the past year, the company has relocated its Chesterfield store in order to deliver the exceptional customer service it strives for, while plenty of energy has been expended launching a transactional website that educates and enlightens customers with an online experience that mirrors the one in store.

It would be easy for the company to take its eye off the ball when such monumental projects are unfolding, so when it scored an impressive 95% in an independent mystery shop it reiterated why her staff’s hard work, loyalty and commitment hold the key to success.

“This next year for me is about giving back to my team and the industry,” says Helen, who started her jewellery career at Tiffany & Co. “For all the Green + Benz employees my personal goal is to provide them with as many innovative rewards and opportunities as possible, this includes bespoke training to individually shaping the future of the business through increased ownership (financial and decision making!). In addition, having been invited to act as the NAJ Chair of Membership Services I’m working hard to support my industry peers.”

Helen describes her ballet-themed Hot 100 photo shoot as an incredibly personal and rewarding experience. Having started to learn ballet from the age of three and training with the Royal Academy of Dancing until the age of 19, going back into a studio and spending time with the professional dancers was a special occasion.

“Every aspect of who I am today has its origin in my dance training,” she says. “Ballet taught me about hard work, focus, never giving up, striving for perfection and knowing that in reality results come out of pain and determination and because of this, in the end, they are ultimately beautiful and rewarding.”


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