James Rice, Mike Rice and Danielle Rice-Hewitt, co-directors, Hugh Rice

The Hugh Rice jewellery empire has its sights set firmly on the future, having been through a period of considered reflection and planning over the past 12 months.

The family-owned jewellery retailer delivered its five-year business plan to it 40-strong management team at the first annual Hugh Rice conference.

“Sharing our five-year plan has been a fantastic opportunity to present our vision and goals for the future. I feel that this will give us all focus to collectively achieve them,” says Hugh Rice operation’s director Danielle Rice-Hewitt.


The last year has also seen the development of another vital platform for future success, the Hugh Rice Academy, an internal training academy which will build on the exceptional results already achieved by externally facilitated training and, it is hoped, will have 100 sales colleagues participating by the end of the year. The Academy calls upon the company’s considerable knowledge pool to develop a structured training programme with the aim of offering its customers an even better experience.

But that’s not to say the company has put its strategy for the future ahead of immediate growth and in August last year it opened its third Hugh Rice store in Harrogate.

The store opening was the culmination of a huge team effort, and something sales and marketing director James Rice takes particular pride in saying: “It’s created new opportunities for our colleagues to progress within the company and re-evaluate lots of our internal practices.”

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