Jo Kelsey, director, Original Jewellers and Gallery

Jo Kelsey just can’t stop making things. Whether it’s potting, gardening, cooking or jewellery-making, she’s never happier than when she’s creating something new.

And this no doubt accounts for the success of her business, Originals Jewellers & Gallery, into which she has ploughed all of her energy. “Work and home or home and work – there is very little separation,” she admits. “It’s a balance I am yet to master, but thankfully I have a very understanding partner, Min, who by default has become involved in the business too!”

This time last year, there were only three members of the Originals team, but Jo’s hard work has enabled her to almost double the workforce.


“I’m very fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff members, all of whom are passionate about what they do and have really helped to drive the business forward,” she adds. “Thanks to their enthusiasm and professionalism, our reputation in the local area continues to grow, to the extent that we remain the go-to place for unusual pieces of high-quality handmade jewellery.”

A self-confessed gem-aholic, Jo is also reaping the benefits of an extensive collection of unusual loose stones, ranging from traditional diamonds, sapphires and tanzanite to the more eclectic druzy, fire opal and morganite. “This has opened another revenue stream, and having our own workshop on-site means clients can easily be involved in the whole design process from beginning to end,” she explains.

But there’s another aspect of the business that is causing quite a stir among shoppers. “We have become well-known in the area for our engaging window displays, which have won local awards,” Jo adds. “Quite often a passer-by will pop in to compliment us on the current display, only to end up making an impulsive purchase!”