HOT 100 RETAIL STARS: Joe Milner, Director, Tustains


F or Joe Milner, success in modern retail is achieved through keeping customers entertained and enthralled. Therefore it’s been all hands on deck at Tustains over the past few years, as the team has worked to create more eye-catching own-brand collections.

“A greater proportion of our product range than ever before is now designed and made by us,” Joe announces, triumphantly. “Through lots of trial and error we have developed a formula that will allow us to expand on this method of stocking our shelves. It’s an obvious formula, but the more unique items you can offer the more interesting the shop becomes. Not only does it make our stock stand out, but it also gives the sales team a relevant narrative to help sell these items.”

This year also heralded the start of a strong social media push for Tustains. Having hired a marketing company to assist with paid content and implemented various in-house plans, the business has already seen positive results when it comes to interaction with existing and potential new customers.

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It’s certainly been a busy time for Joe, who has also managed to keep up the daily school run as well as training for and completing a recent charity cycle ride from London to Brighton (though he does admit to having taken the occasional stockroom nap).

So, what do the next 12 months have in store? “Hopefully we will become better known for bespoke jewellery and better at communicating our strengths. Superstition prevents me from speculating too much on the next 12 months, but I hope we are in a good place.”

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