John Greed, founder, John Greed Jewellery

To become one of the fastest growing jewellery businesses in the market you need a strong and clear strategy, and this is undoubtedly the case with John Greed Jewellery in Lincoln.

Already specialising in big name brands such as Pandora, founder John Greed has ploughed much investment into his store’s fashion jewellery range in the past year or so, expanding to include Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Links of London and Nomination.

And this is a move that has paid off – the business is now seeing an uplift in sales of these collections, and the brand partners have been hugely supportive of the John Greed business model, including the store’s newest asset.


“Without a doubt our single greatest business success this year has been the development of a technique to personalise jewellery very quickly and to a very high quality,” John comments. “Demand from our customers has been huge, which really spurred us on to invest in new technology and overcome the technical problems.”

This new service is a major USP for John Greed, and is proving to be profitable. “We will be investing further in personalisation,” reveals John. “Our achievements have given us the extra capital to explore and invest in emerging technologies, which is important for a predominantly ecommerce business such as ours.”

No doubt John will be cheered on every step of the way by his family, without whom his business may never have come to fruition. “My family gave me the confidence to create this company,” he affirms. “As well as emotional support, they offer lots of useful advice and feedback that is always very honest and helps to keep me grounded. Providing for my family gives me the drive to develop a successful company, yet at the same time my home life is a constant reminder of what’s really important.”