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HOT 100 RETAIL STARS: Oliver Gibson, Managing Director, Silver Tree Jewellery

Oliver Gibson, managing director, Silver Tree Jewellery

Sometimes you make a decision in business that proves so effective you wonder why you never did it earlier.

Silver Tree Jewellery’s Oliver Gibson could be forgiven for thinking just that after extending his store to house a luxurious ‘Diamond Room’ in March this year, providing a place for customers to peruse a wider collection of engagement, wedding, eternity and diamond set jewellery. “In the first month we sold more engagement and wedding rings than in the past six years,” he reveals, adding somewhat unsurprisingly: “It has been a fantastic addition to the store.”

The Diamond Room hasn’t just provided a boost in sales, it has increased average spend and given the Lancaster jewellers an air of elegance. “We want to be the place to go for all our customers’ bridal jewellery needs in Lancaster and Morecambe. After analysing the initial first few months’ figures and customer base we are set to achieve this within the next five years,” says Oliver, a keen football fan who also likes a round of golf.

Silver Tree Jewellery is one of the most forward-thinking jewellers around and Oliver’s willingness to embrace new ideas has kept it at the forefront of customers’ minds. This year it brought back its Golden Ticket Event, where customers get to open a golden ticket which has a jewellery prize inside. It also brought out its own brand of perfume, ‘Silver Tree 925’, for a gift with purchase.

Oliver describes himself as having a good work-life balance, but admits that it helps that his fianceé is also his business partner.

“It makes it a lot easier to manage the balance of work, home, children and dog! As I work for myself it allows me to be away from the business when I need to be, but on the flip side it means that I am always thinking of new ways to push the business forward.”


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