Trevor Fitzgerald, owner and managing director, Fitzgerald Jewellers

If you’re a traditional jewellers with a workshop and three Pandora stores, what strategic route do you take next?

The answer is open a multi-brand store, fill it with the most contemporary and exciting names in the business and send all your staff on a social media course to get to grips with the way in which customers are now choosing and buying jewellery.

That’s exactly what Trevor Fitzgerald has done with the launch of ‘Iconic by Fitzgerald’, the newest addition to his retail business and one which keeps the company’s finger firmly on the pulse of jewellery fashion. “It has been a steep learning curve and not without its early teething problems, but after a huge amount of work from the manager and the staff it really is building up momentum,” he remarks.


Indeed, that momentum is so strong that he’s already making plans to open a second Iconic store in 2017, while an opportunity has arisen to open kiosks in shopping centres alongside Bering watches. But while Trevor is diversifying the business model for future growth, he has not neglected the very assets that catapulted the organisation to where it is today, as the investment in a new workshop at the rear of its existing jewellery business demonstrates.

“This was very much a team effort in that the design changed from a seating area for customers with a small workshop into a much larger fully-equipped workshop to which we have now added a further workbench as the bespoke work has poured in,” he explains.

But for all his dedication, don’t expect to find him labouring behind the tills or filling the shelves on a Saturday anymore. Another love in his life sees to that. “After years of working on Saturdays – which I do enjoy for the buzz – I took most of the Saturdays off last season to follow AFC Bournemouth across the country, a very rewarding experience which I plan to replicate this season if I can get it past my wife!”

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