HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Marie Chalmers, Owner, Marie Chalmers Diamond Consultant


Marie Chalmers readily admits that she’s not very good at sitting still, and this is certainly evident in her work life. She has no less than three main roles within her consultancy company: director of Shen London, tutor of diamonds and coloured gemstones at AnchorCert Academy and head of UK valuations at WP Diamonds.

“I am proud to say that I have had a huge amount of success within all of my roles,” says Marie, “but if I had to pick one I would say my greatest achievement this year was being made director of luxury jewellery brand Shen London.

It has given me a huge amount of confidence in business by broadening my knowledge, and has also satisfied my ever-growing need to source the most beautiful diamonds.”

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Marie’s role as a consultant allows her to learn about many different areas of the jewellery industry, and then pass that information on to others to help them in their work.

“For example, I might identify an unusual diamond treatment at WP Diamonds, which I can then describe to a pawnbroker on my course at AnchorCert Academy and help prevent any costly mistakes, or I could offer some advice to a jewellery designer about buying ethical gemstones.”

And her responsibilities don’t end there. Outside of work Marie is also a volunteer for Guide Dogs, caring for her guide dog Chrissie, a black Labrador, who has regular litters of future guide dogs! “It’s very rewarding to know that giving up a little of my time makes an enormous difference to other people’s lives.

Plus we get to keep Chrissie all year round and have a house full of extremely cute puppies once a year!” she laughs.

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