Andrew Geoghegan, founder and managing director, Andrew Geoghegan

While many business owners have been busy striving to hit financial targets and add to their trophy cabinets, Andrew Geoghegan has had a very different goal in mind over the past year.

“It’s been all about developing the business in a way that makes it less dependent on me!” he laughs. Such a change means that Andrew can focus his time and effort on the elegant jewellery designs he has become so well known for, and the overall leadership of his business, rather than the minutiae of administration.

“This has resulted in the business having a better strategy and clarity, but it also means that I gain more enjoyment from my work, as do my team members in their work, and I can spend more time with my family outside work, as opposed to having my head buried in my laptop.”


Meanwhile, a much-anticipated rebrand of the Andrew Geoghegan brand in September 2015 served to reaffirm and strengthen its position as a luxury fine jeweller.

The forthcoming 12 months will be focused on continuing to build a strong network of retailers, and ensuring their sales teams are confident in selling the brand, as well as launching new French-inspired collections.

“The next year looks very promising!” Andrew enthuses. It also looks very busy, but there’s no need to worry about his wellbeing. “Meditation has always been an effective way for me to take my mind off work,” he says. “But, saying that, so has dancing in the kitchen to some deep dubstep thinking I am 17!”

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