Christina Lenihan, design director, Buckley London

The past 12 months have witnessed the complete relaunch of Buckley London, incorporating trend-led fashion pieces into the brand’s existing portfolio of classic, simple profiles.

Having played a key role in this bold project, Christina Lenihan is duly proud of the results.

“The reward was worth the challenge,” she states. “With the new styling I was able to push the creative boundaries and take a hands-on approach in leading the design team out of their comfort zone in an exciting new direction.”


The launch of the new collections at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes last October resulted in the brand adding 30 new retail locations to its distribution, as well as opening more doors on the high street. Meanwhile, the Buckley London website has seen web traffic increase by 39% year-on-year, and Q1 sales have risen by 81%, with further growth anticipated.

The Shard collection has already won Best New Jewellery Product at the 2016 Duty Free News International Awards, as well as being shortlisted for a further three awards later this year.

“The introduction of the new profiles has allowed us to successfully secure our position as a leading fashion jewellery brand with broad appeal. While we have captured the attention of a younger demographic, we have still retained elements of the classic pieces that our core customers know and love,” Christina explains.

Pictured here in one of her favourite Leeds hangouts, Christina can’t wait to see what the future holds for the new-look Buckley London brand.

“Our trend-led pieces have injected a new wave of excitement into the brand and I’m keen to continue this theme to inspire and entice both partners and customers alike.

The ability to create forward-thinking, commercially viable ranges is the reason I love my job, and is why, collectively, we’ve achieved everything we have to date.”

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