HOT 100 TRENDSETTERS: Maia Adams & Juliet Hutton-Squire, Head of Global Research & Head of Global Strategy, Adorn Insight


Although the subscriber side of our site is constantly evolving and improving, it’s no secret that our public face was in need of a makeover after five years,” admits Maia Adams candidly, as she discusses the digital redesign that has reinforced Adorn Insight’s identity as a specialist jewellery-focused market intelligence agency.

The rebirth of the site, which comes as the company continues to grow the bespoke consultancy side of its business, has seen it harness the latest design and development technologies to offer a solution that reflects the brand’s dynamism and communicates its founders’ vision clearly.

“Would-be clients can learn everything they need to know about our subscription and consultancy services. And the inclusion of a client list with glowing testimonials shows the calibre of brands we are privileged to support,” adds Maia.

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As a business, Adorn Insight’s foremost goal is to innovate within the jewellery industry. In order to do this, it endeavours to seek out game-changing people and brands with whom it shares a vision in order to find ways that it can collaborate. Juliet Hutton-Squire is reluctant to single anyone out but says the projects that the duo are involved in are extremely exciting.

“We interact with some of the industry’s most dynamic people and we consider that a privilege,” she says. “Our conversations often lead to interesting opportunities and we relish a good debate around real issues that impact our industry. We can’t wait to have a forum whereby all these leaders come together from around the world in one room – watch this space.”

Having really cast their net wide in terms of global reach and scope of projects over the past year, the pair have grown accustomed to working across multiple time zones.

This has meant plenty of early morning and late night meetings, but as more jewellery professionals flock to their website for info and new clients employ their services they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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