HOT 100 TRENDSETTERS: Vania Leles, Founder & Creative Director, VanLeles Diamond


Customers of VanLeles Diamonds love the fact the company can trace the gems it sources for them right back to the mine, allowing the stories attached to their jewellery to be told in all their intriguing detail.

For founder and creative director, Vania Leles, it is a point of difference that has been intrinsic to the success of the brand from day one.

“The beauty of the piece shouldn’t start with the finished product, rather where it all begins – the mines and communities around the mines,” says Vania. “Our clients are increasingly asking questions about the provenance of stones and really appreciate our stance on ethical sourcing.”

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A collaboration with Gemfields has cemented VanLeles’ reputation as a company that takes responsible sourcing seriously and, just as significantly, provided it with the impetus to get its message across.

That is a key part of the strategy, along with making sure that it is working with business partners that buy into and respect the brand’s ethos. “As we grow we’ve made it a focus of ours to partner with the right suppliers and mines,” notes Vania.

“We have some exciting collaborations coming in the next 6-12 months – I can’t mention what they are for now but stay tuned!” One thing she will reveal, however, is that she has set her sights on taking the business into new territories.

“I am looking to expand into the US market and hopefully all the hard work we are implementing now will influence next year’s results,” she says.

The inspiration for Vania’s photoshoot can be found in her jewellery designs, which are strikingly feminine and shaped by nature. “This love of nature and flowers is obvious when you visit my atelier or home as it is always filled with fresh flowers.

I am a huge admirer of the work of By Appointment Only Design and love their boutique at the Corinthia as it is so full of light and colour – two qualities I always try to demonstrate in my designs.”

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