Silver and diamond jewellery brand, Hot Diamonds, is supporting its retailers in a number of ways as the UK eases its lockdown restrictions.

To enhance sell-through as retailers reopen their stores, Hot Diamonds has launched a temporary ‘25% Off’ sale. Hot Diamonds is contributing 15% towards lost margin in order to keep retailers’ margins as healthy as possible. In addition, Hot Diamonds has sent promotional artwork to its retailers to help advertise this one-off promotion.

Throughout lockdown, Hot Diamonds has been helping independent retailers with an online operation by drop-shipping their orders directly to their customers. Those taking advantage of this service have found it useful, as their operation may not have been fully up and running and so they may not have been able to generate this revenue without the drop-ship service.


Over and above this, Hot Diamonds will support its independent jewellers further through Autumn/Winter with a re-brand focused on enhanced story telling at the point of sale, and a new display. All of this will be supplied free of charge to Hot Diamonds’ retail partners.

Head of commerce, Adryan Cresswell, explains: “We have been determined to stay focused on developing Hot Diamonds for our retail partners, despite lockdown. Our re-brand, which will be rolled out this Autumn/Winter, represents just one element of the work we have been doing.

“We are also planning to launch a new concept in early-November to target the gifting market and are very optimistic about the progress we are making with this venture. We appreciate our retailer partners may be cautious in how much they spend on new concepts at the moment, however the buy-in price of this concept will be cognisant of that.”

Hot Diamonds managed to generate growth with its independent jewellers from start-January to end-March 2020 despite a very poor March as a consequence of Covid-19.

The brand is optimistic it can continue positively despite the obvious challenges the retail sector is confronted with.