Hot Diamonds is introducing many new collections for launch this Autumn/Winter, and here’s a ‘sneak preview’ of two of them: ‘Quest’ and ‘Behold’.

‘Quest’ is a new, classic silver and diamond collection, which experiments with textures and twists.

Life’s journey can feel like a quest – a long adventure full of twists and turns, rough and smooth.


The ‘Quest’ collection is inspired by the undulations we experience as we wander our way through the world.

When the path is rough, keep your eyes open and don’t give up. You never know when life will offer you up a diamond.

‘Behold’ has a slightly more contemporary feel. It’s for those that think buildings can become more beautiful after years in the cold wind and driving rain. Faces, more characterful as they grow more worn over time.

This naturally crafted silver, diamond and white topaz collection is a celebration of the imperfect, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hot Diamonds will also introduce a completely new concept later this Autumn/Winter season, which has a stand-alone display and is designed to drive conversions for retailers through key gifting seasons.
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