In September 2021, 83% more consumers were searching for Hot Diamonds online compared with September 2020.

This figure is the largest proportional increase of any jewellery brand included in Spike Digital’s research, collated exclusively for Professional Jeweller and published last week.

Adryan Cresswell, head of commerce, commented on the findings: “Many of our retail partners want to stock brands that are widely known and respected by consumers.


“Hot Diamonds has always been a widely known jewellery brand, but it has implemented a marketing strategy aimed to further enhance brand awareness in the UK and it’s encouraging to see that almost twice as many consumers are seeking out the brand this year, compared to last.

“This means more brand awareness which will result in more sales for our retail partners, which is what it’s all about!

“We intend to maintain a focus on UK brand penetration for many years and have a strong formula in place to deliver the success we want to see.

“We have already secured very significant promotional activity up to October 2022 and the early results are that awareness and engagement have almost doubled in one year.”

The company is not content to rest on its laurels though.

Cresswell continued: “However, this is a long-term, concerted effort and throughout the next year we intend to intensify this activity to further accelerate awareness to our target customer group in the UK.

“This is not a finite campaign, but rather a new way of doing business for us. So far, we are pleased with the results, but our ambitions go far beyond the 83% growth in one year that we have already seen.”

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