Thieves targeting women who reveal jewels when sunbathing or outdoors.

Police in Croydon, south London, have issued a warning to the public to cover up or leave expensive jewellery at home following a spate of robberies in the hotter weather.

The Croydon force said that the summer’s heatwave may have sparked a rise in jewellery thefts in the area, adding that "cooling off or topping up your tan could put you at risk of falling prey to thieves on the lookout for expensive jewellery exposed by victims’ lighter clothing".


Local police have also noted a rise in Asian women falling prey to thieves who targeted them for "expensive gold adornments".

The Croydon force is now hosting a number of crime prevention roadshows in the area. Sergeant Jay Chapman, from the Bensham Manor safer neighbourhood team, said: "During the past few summers, we’ve seen an increase in people having their jewellery stolen when out and about.

"Thieves are targeting Asian women in particular, due to the high quality and value of the gold jewellery many Asian women wear."

The safer neighbourhood team will be holding events in Thornton Heath, Norbury and Croydon over the next three weeks.

Sergeant Chapman added: "Our advice is not to give thieves an opportunity and keep your expensive jewellery covered or just don’t wear it if it’s going to be highly visible to people.

"It’s also a good idea to make sure you keep expensive jewellery stored securely at home. Invest in a quality and secure safe at your home, or even consider putting expensive items in a safety deposit box with a bank."