Group says it makes "great sense" to work more closely together.

The Houlden Group has joined the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) in a partnership that will allow the group to add its voice to industry issues alongside 1,100 other members.

A release from Houlden said the group recognised that belonging to a trade association helps to inspire consumer confidence and enhances the reputation of its members. By joining the BJA the Houlden Group hopes to add its own voice to a “growing forum of like-minded retailers, manufacturers and designers”.


Stuart Laing, chief executive of the Houlden Group, said: “It makes great sense to work together more closely; the industry is always changing and in order to continue to grow and prosper we need to keep encouraging and nurturing the excellent design talent that is coming through.”

He added that the group hopes to have a long and fruitful partnership with the BJA, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012. The plan is for the two organisations to help introduce new members to Houlden Group and vice versa.

Simon Rainer, chief executive of the BJA said that the association has watched and welcomed the Houlden Group’s work with young British designers, many of whom are also BJA members.

Rainer said: “Our plan is to work closely together in order that the BJA can introduce new and exciting jewellery design talent to the Houlden membership.”

He added that some of the benefits of membership will be Houlden’s access to the BJA’s training programmes and of the minute industry information relating to legal, technical and political issues.