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Houlden holds steady in face of pandemic as four in 10 members see revenue growth in 2020


UK and Ireland jeweller consortium Houlden has reported that as many as 40% of its retailers reported that their year-on-year revenues were up in 2020, despite the pandemic.

The group gives independent, luxury jewellers advice and support in networking, buying, training, business services and marketing support, with the aim of improving their financial performance.

Chief executive Helen Haddow has provided an insight into both how 2020 went for Houlden jewellers, along with member predictions for the coming year.

She reveals that many members feel that their preparations for a difficult 2020, combined with strong financial support from governments, have left them with a better outlook than expected almost one year on from the first lockdowns.

Members were also grateful that, when retail was open, business was good due to pent-up demand, for example in the parts of December when non-essential stores could open their doors.

Haddow’s blog post read: “Members’ predictions at the start of lockdown of a reduction in revenue between 25% to 40% on a typical year proved not to be the case. Mini booms were recorded post lockdown…

“On average revenues of Houlden members were less than 10% down on those of 2019 with over 40% of them reporting higher figures in 2020.”

Furthermore, Houlden plans for two member meetings this year, in June and September, to allow networking and the sharing of ideas.

The second meeting will be a supplier exhibition, allowing suppliers to showcase their new products.

Haddow also emphasised the ongoing importance of tactics like virtual appointments, delivery, click-and-collect, and an increased focus on social media and online sales.

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