Training seminar designed to help businesses boost social engagement.

Members of buying consortium, the Houlden Group, met in Glasgow recently for personalised social media training, offered by digital marketing expert Amanda Daniels of Koogar Ltd.

The two-day training course, held at the Houlden office in central Glasgow, covered topics including, understanding different social platforms, ideas for their use and how to measure customer engagement.


On the second day of the event, each participant was given the opportunity to plan their own strategy and create a digital calendar for use on return to the office.

Office Manager of Houlden, Denise McLaughlin, said: "We returned from the course with something already in action. This meant we just needed to continue what we’d started on the course, and it didn’t get dropped or forgotten."

The group decided to hold the training course for marketing and communication teams after recognising the shift in social media from an ‘added-extra’ to an essential part of business strategy.

Creative director of Koogar Ltd, Amanda Daniels, explained: “I believe that every business knows HOW to use social media but I’m positive they are unsure of how to get engagement, create compelling and share worthy content. ‘Taking a knee’ is part of the two days where we really look at your brand, what it stands for and why you are doing Social. ‘Doing’ Social and ‘getting’ Social are different things and I feel that most companies are just doing a job that they feel they should be cause everyone else is doing it. To stand out of the crowd we have to do something different and swim against the tide.”

Charlotte Skinner of Rudell the Jeweller said: “I have recently taken part in a two day social media programme provided by Koogar Limited and I can say that it was absolutely brilliant! The sky is the limit when it comes to this ever changing topic and to have some helpful guidance to move forward and develop our online stance was greatly appreciated. Amanda Daniels is the queen of digital marketing and I was glad to have experienced her knowledge and passion for social media.”