First raft of Canada Star jewels hits retailers as brand shows at IJL.

The Houlden Group has teamed with the makers of Canadian Ice to create an exclusive diamond jewellery brand that will only be available to Houlden members.

The brand, Canada Star, officially launched at the group’s buyers’ meeting earlier in June but the brand was on show to non-members for the first time last week at IJL.


JSN Jewellery, the Canadian diamond company behind the Canada Star and Canadian Ice brands, has built up a strong brand around the Houlden Group exclusive line with double-box packaging and a tagline that reads The world’s brightest star… actually comes from the ground.

Canadian diamonds are valued for their ethical traceability and while in the past they have carried a considerable premium JSN jewellery sales and marketing director Steve Reale said that while Canadian diamonds still carry a premium the stones are becoming much more competitive.

He said: “Five years ago Canadian diamonds had an attempt in the UK but the price difference was so great, about 35%, but when the global downturn happened it balanced it out, making it about 5% to 9%.”

Reale said that Houlden Group members have reacted positively to the launch of Canada Star with “a few” retailers already signing up to the brand with product already being delivered to stores.

Part of Canada Star’s strategy – alongside its exclusivity to Houlden members, a smaller price premium, strong branding and the ethical traceability of Canadian diamonds – is to offer styles that are tailored to British tastes, something that Reale believes not all Canadian jewellery brands do.

He said: “A lot of Canadian brands want to come over and do [Canadian] styles but [JSN Jewellery] have been in the UK for 15 years.”