The Houlden Group will focus on its recently introduced consumer-facing brand, Jewellers of Excellence, at  its Summer Getaway event from June 23 to 25.

The members and suppliers event will be held in East Sussex, including guest speakers, workshops, buying opportunities and a golf tournament.

Members will be given an update on the future of the Houlden Group before the attention turns to “broadening horizons and challenging the familiar”.


The Group recently introduced its new consumer-facing brand, Jewellers of Excellence, to members, along with a new logo and website.  This new initiative allows members to make use of the associated marketing assets in the way that suits them best, whether it be on communications with customers, as links on their websites or on store fascia.

According to the Group: “The Jewellers of Excellence logo is a powerful badge of integrity, and members will learn how to make the most of it.”

The two day supplier exhibition will bring together 69 suppliers of jewellery, watches, fashion jewellery and affiliated services offering members an opportunity to prepare for the Christmas season.

The lighter side of the event will see golfers enjoying the 4th annual Roundy Rudell Golf Tournament, while their counterparts take to the town, followed by the next evenings much-anticipated Victorian Evening of Mystery and Intrigue, to keep everyone guessing.