Ethical jewellery brand Vurchoo has revealed that its Studs of Hope earring collection has played a key role in helping it sign up new retail partners.

It reported adding more than 30 new stockist stores over the latest lockdown thanks to the collection.

Founder and designer, Alex Angel-Benscher, told Professional Jeweller: “It is an ethical stud collection that was launched during lockdown after extensive market research to give the high street something that it was missing.


“Since its launch in the later part of last year I was so warmed to see shops snapping it up. 30-plus UK independent shops took up the collection while still in lockdown.”

“This was down to Studs of Hope looking great off and online, helping increase sales for closed shops during the year of lockdown.”

Discussing the reason the collection has proven so attractive to stockists, Angel-Benscher explained: “The high street was missing an ethical edge that was not at either the top or bottom of the price spectrum.

“Studs of Hope filled that gap, with an offering of an ethical silver product with a clear message that sold itself and was not reliant on shop staff to explain it to every customer.

“Studs of Hope is also designed to be as easy to sell as possible. The price point is in line with competition, so offers something more than just a brand name and nice design. A gift that gives twice.”

The founder and designer added that while ethical jewellery is readily available online, but not yet on every high street.

He added: “Retailers who do not take a step in this direction will suffer as the average shopper starts to gravitate towards sustainability, ethics and UK-based brands.

“Lockdown was the perfect time to launch, when bricks-and-mortar establishments were forced to change how they responded to customer needs and had to compete with the online market. We offered them something that gave them content and a USP.

“We also offered one-to-one help with promotion and sales to help with this shift. Retailers enjoyed dealing with someone who wasn’t just a sales representative but a business owner, designer and decision-maker who could tailor every order to meet the retailers’ needs.”