Howard Levine has announced he is leaving Chalfen of London to start a new industry venture.

After more than 12 years with the corporation, the managing director is leaving to start a new company. Meanwhile, it will be business as usual at Chalfen of London with Sonny Akhtar at the reigns.

Noticing that it is getting harder for bricks and mortar retailers to secure engagement ring sales. Levine believes he has a solution to help change this.


His new company, Diamnet, will give jewellers a new strategy, innovative in-store experience and the ability to fully compete online. It will reduce costs for the retailer whilst making them more competitive and giving their customers more choice.

“The way diamonds and diamond rings are distributed right now hasn’t really changed in years and something clearly needs to give,” explains Howard Levine. “The internet is eating everybody’s lunch and bricks and mortar retailers have to find a new way to compete – I will make the solution both affordable and super easy to integrate.”

Ultimately, Diamnet will bring diamonds cutters and ring mount manufacturers closer to the jeweller in a combined effort to bring engagement ring sales back to retailers.

More information on the business venture will be available soon.