The Houlden Group has announced James Rice as the latest director to be appointed to its board.

Rice currently serves as sales and marketing director of the Hull-based luxury family-run jeweller Hugh Rice, and the jewellery buying group says that he will be an “invaluable asset” to its board.

Rice has worked with his family business since 2006, and was instrumental in the opening of nine Pandora stores.


Rice also oversaw the opening of a new Hugh Rice store in Harrogate designed to focus on the luxury side of the jewellery market and saw the brand open its first Luxe by Hugh Rice store to concentrate on the lifestyle side of the industry.

In his current position, he is responsible for all procurement, marketing and online activities for Hugh Rice.

Houlden chief executive, Helen Haddow, says of Rice’s appointment: “After five years of valued service, Patrick Keane stepped down from the board in the summer of 2019, making way for James and further highlighting the changing nature of the Houlden.

“The appointment of James reflects our confidence in the Houlden vision and values, and we believe James’s multi-faceted knowledge and wealth of experience will be invaluable as we focus on digital preservation and future proofing.

“James will play a vital role in delivering the Houlden vision and advising and implementing the best practices to benefit our valued Members and Suppliers.”

Rice adds: “Houlden are passionate, principled and progressive, so I am delighted and privileged to have been invited to join the board of Directors.

“Houlden consistently deliver high value experiences and opportunities for their members, so I look forward to commencing a role that will see me assist in the continuing the growth and future of Houlden, and I am looking forward to the new challenges that this position will bring.”