The International Gemological Institute (IGI), which claims to be the largest organisation of its kind in the world, is now offering e-learning solutions for jewellery professionals.

The offering will cover a variety of topics, from an introduction to the four Cs and diamond and gemstone training to comprehensive education about lab-grown diamonds and the significant benefits the natural diamond industry brings to millions of indigenous people in the upstream value chain.

Furthermore, IGI claims that its e-learning programme is bespoke in that it offers different, specialised advice catering to the user.


The educational components don’t change, but IGI supplements essential knowledge with added context and messaging designed for the target audience, emphasising information that can be used in-store or elsewhere.

Chief marketing officer, Arnaud Lorie, said: “We suggest different talking points for a luxury brand than we do for an e-commerce seller.

“The basics stay the same, but we help them use the information in their context immediately. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback for this approach.”

Meanwhile, Avi Levy, IGI North president, said: “There’s a lot happening in our industry right now. Those who know the latest developments are going to serve their clients best.”