The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of De Beers Group, has introduced an advanced synthetic screening device which allows users to test greater volumes of jewellery simultaneously. 

The new device – the SYNTHdetect XL – is an advanced version of the company’s highly successful SYNTHdetect synthetic screening device launched last year.

Unveiled at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, SYNTHdetect XL has a larger base unit that allows multiple volumes of jewellery to be screened simultaneously, providing even greater efficiencies for users. It also provides the opportunity to now scan larger necklaces, multiple solitaire rings and multiple bracelets, while retaining the ease of use of the original device.


IIDGR president, Jonathan Kendall, shares: “We’re delighted to be introducing the next innovation in IIDGR’s range of industry-leading synthetic screening devices, SYNTHdetect XL. Using the same revolutionary technology as the original SYNTHdetect, this new device allows more pieces of jewellery to be screened at a faster rate than ever before. SYNTHdetect XL will be another valuable tool for the trade, building on the strong positive feedback we’ve received since launching the first SYNTHdetect last year.”

“SYNTHdetect XL is a really exciting detection tool because it allows users to efficiently test large quantities of finished jewellery, incorporating the revolutionary detection techniques for identifying all-natural diamonds as used in the original SYNTHdetect device,” adds IIDGR commercial director, Jamie Clark. He continues: “This means that if a stone in a piece of jewellery does not display the attributes of a natural diamond, it is highlighted immediately and with a high degree of accuracy, with the lowest referral rate of any device in the industry.”

IIDGR specialises in supporting the diamond industry through its supply of synthetic diamond detection equipment, educational programmes and laboratory-based diamond grading facilities. It has established itself as an important service provider, supporting trade and consumer confidence backed by 130 years of De Beers Group diamond expertise.

SYNTHdetect XL will be available to view at the IIDGR stand in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Booth 3M043, Hall 3 until 18 September. Visitors can also take advantage of Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair-exclusive offers related to the new instrument and other services offered by IIDGR.