IJL announces 2011’s list of KickStart designers

Commercial launch pad unveils list of 10 emerging jewellery designers.

International Jewellery London (IJL) has announced its KickStart designers for 2011, with a line-up that it says "is sure to impress retailers and buyers" at the September show.

The initiative, which acts as a commercial launch pad for the promising designers selected to take part, will provide a boost for the industry by focusing on emerging jewellery design talent here in Britain.

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KickStart will also allow retailers to source products face-to-face from emerging designers, said to represent some of the best in the industry.

IJL eveny director Sam Willoughby said: "KickStart is supported by the British Jewellers Association, and was launched as a bursary scheme for fledgling jewellery designers. We recently hosted a workshop with the new designers ahead of the show to prepare them as they enter this challenging commercial world and develop their business. IJL leads the way as a jewellery event which launches careers and nurtures excellence, bringing fresh new talent to the industry."

Visitors at IJL, which takes place this September 4th-7th, will be able to meet the designers and view their work, on stand C31. 

The line-up of designers who have been selected as the KickStarters for 2011 are:

Described as attention-grabbing jewellery which tastefully strikes that fine balance between a.m. subtlety and p.m. glamour, Mirpuri is designed by former City banker, Johnny Mirpuri. His pieces are created using a combination of computer-aided technology and traditional hand-crafted techniques. 

"I’m delighted that Mirpuri has been selected to take part in KickStart. I’ve wanted to be a part of it ever since I first visited IJL in 2009, the year that the initiative was introduced. KickStart is, without doubt, an invaluable opportunity which is much sought after by new designers, like myself, entering the market" he says.

Gina Melosi
Former Professional Jeweller Bench Fresh designer, Melosi’s debut collection features broken glass fragments cast into recycled sterling silver. Each each piece is finished with textured edges and polished surfaces. Gina will also launch her second collection at IJL.

Cabbage is King
With an unusual jewellery collection said to blur the distinctions between jewellery and art, Cabbage is King is described as "characteristically original, unique and imaginative." Each piece is realised through a re-contextualisation of form and an exploration of semantics.

Claire English 
Designer Claire English’ jewellery includes whimsical designs informed by her insatiable interest in the narrative potential of objects such as animal bones and matchsticks. English aims to present familiar items in mischievous and unexpected ways.

Abigail Stradling
Stradling’s glass jewellery combines hand blown hollow forms and lamp working with precious metals. Her Time series encapsulates natural materials sourced from various locations, while her second collection explores the relationship between glass and silver.

"I am full of anticipation and excitement at the opportunity to present my work alongside the founders of contemporary jewellery and those who set the trends. I feel that this is a really liberating time in jewellery. Retailers are more willing to embrace avant-garde forms and support new ways of working with materials. We are all aware of this amazing potential", said Stradling.

Sarah Ibrahim
Ibrahim’s work is inspired by her heritage, travels and love of small and intriguing containers. It has an organic handmade feel with an industrial edge. Ibrahim’s first collection, The Beginning, incorporates hidden lockets with bright gold leaf interiors and simple yet bold triangular shapes.

Emma Turpin
Turpin aims to bring the old and the new together. She has a passion for traditional craftsmanship, and at the same time she continually strives to create contemporary, wearable pieces of jewellery. Turpin’s Maidens Garlands collection consists of hand-folded fine silver rosettes, a technique developed by herself.

La Diosa
Multi-award winning brand La Diosa – The Goddess – specialises in semi-precious and precious gemstone jewellery. Having learned how to make jewellery whilst living in Mexico, the designers have kept an exotic influence in each design

"IJL has had a huge impact on our business from the very start and to now be a part of it is simply fantastic! We feel it will connect us to a wider range of buyers and allow us to communicate our brand, design philosophy and products in a way we’ve never done before", said Natasha Faith, one half of La Diosa.

Amy Keeper
Keeper’s jewellery is contemporary and handmade, using vintage postcards to create sterling silver pieces which evoke contemporary cameos. Inspired by a spyglass in a children’s story, her black and gold range features semi-precious stones and elements of movement.

Doreth Jones
Jones creates both classic and contemporary jewellery of repute from her London studio. Working in recycled silver adorned with vibrant coloured gem stones, Jones’ pieces are the embodiment of urban chic.

Speaking of becoming a KickStarter, Jones said: "IJL provides a wonderful platform for new dynamic designers. As one of the lucky few to be chosen as part of the Kickstart initiative, I have been afforded a unique opportunity to showcase my jewellery at one of the UK’s most prestigious industry events. I have been inspired to create some new and exciting pieces – created with care and affection, these pieces reflect my commitment to beautiful handcrafted design using sustainable resources while producing exquisite unique jewellery."



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