UK jewellery trade show International Jewellery London (IJL) has announced the line-up for its 2018 seminar programme.

The show itself takes place on 2-4 September at Olympia, with the Professional Jeweller Awards being hosted on the evening of 3 September at Bloomsbury Ballroom, London.

Some of the highlights of the seminar schedule include, but are not limited to: bridal trends; the potential of precious metal 3D printing; getting to grips with Instagram; and photographing jewellery.


Content manager for IJL, Orna O’Brien, said: “This year’s relaunched seminar programme stream – IJL Inspire – boasts a packed programme of insightful talks, seminar sessions, thought-provoking panels, and unprecedented networking opportunities. There’s something for everyone in this year’s fantastic line-up.”

IJL claims to attract 10,000 visitors from over 50 countries, with more than 550 exhibitors.

IJL Inspire – Seminar Programme Highlights

Day One: Sunday 2 September

  • Gemmology 101: Essential Gem Knowledge to Increase Confidence and Boost Sales (10:15-11:45) The Retail Theatre
  • Bridal Trends & Global Weddings: Reaping the Rewards (10:30-11:15) The Catwalk Theatre
  • Think Like a Customer in a Digital World (11:30-12:30) The Retail Theatre
  • How to Generate More Sales from Range Management (13:30-14:30) The Retail Theatre
  • From Zero to Hero: Harriet’s Story and Tips on Creating a Successful Jewellery Start-Up (15:00-15:45) The Inspiration Theatre
  • All You Need to Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds (16:00-16:45) The Catwalk Theatre
  • Can You Think Like a Criminal? (16:00-16:45) The Inspiration Theatre
  • Jewellery Retail 2028: Reimagining the Future (17:15-18:00) The Retail Theatre

 Day Two: Monday 3 September

  • Uniquely UK: At the Heart of Luxury – Keeping the Cachet at any Price? (10:00-10:45) The Catwalk Theatre
  • Precious Metal 3D Printing: An introduction to Jewellery in the 21st Century (10:00-10:45) The Inspiration Theatre
  • It’s Personal: Co-Creation and Bespoke Jewellery vs Mass Produced Standard Design (10:00-11:00) The Retail Theatre
  • SS19 Jewellery Trends (14:30-15:15) The Catwalk Theatre
  • Birmingham: A City of 1,000 Trades: Focus on Jewellery Careers (15:30-16:15) The Inspiration Theatre
  • Likes, Sweat and Tears: Getting to Grips with Instagram (16:30-17:15) The Inspiration Theatre

 Day Three: Tuesday 4 September

  • Fair Luxury Presents: The Human Face of the Jewellery Supply Chain… Session 1 – The Hidden Cost of Jewellery; Human Rights in the Supply Chain and How to Source Responsibly (10:00-10:30) The Retail Theatre
  • From Suffragette to Self-Purchasing: Celebrating 100 Years of Women and Jewellery (12:30-13:30) The Inspiration Theatre
  • How to Promote your Brand to Today’s Consumer: The Rise of Experiences and Influencers vs. Traditional Marketing (13:45-14:45) The Retail Theatre
  • How to Photograph Jewellery (14:00-14:45) The Inspiration Theatre
  • Making it Better: Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Creativity (14:30-15:15) The Catwalk Theatre
  • Specialist Retailers: How to Transform Your High Street Store (15:00-15:45) The Retail Theatre