IJL DIAMONDS IN DESIGN Editor’s Choice winner: Sarah Ho


Criteria: A head-turning diamond piece of jewellery designed in a spirit of celebration to coincide with IJL’s Diamond Jubilee

Winner: Sarah Ho – Numerati ‘60’

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of IJL, Sarah Ho has created two rings that show the number 60 in18ct rose gold and diamonds. The inspiration comes from her latest Numerati Collection, a suite of nine lucky number rings from 1-9, launched in May 2015. The diamonds elegantly twist and turn to show the numbers but, when worn they become a hidden secret. In honour of IJL’s 60th anniversary, Sarah has designed an exclusive diamond ‘0’ to go with the number ‘6’ to add a special sparkle to the celebrations.

“I am thrilled to have won the Editor’s Choice Award for IJL 2015.  This Award is definitely noticed by the press and the visitors and is a talking point at the show.  As this is the 60th anniversary for IJL, it makes the Award extra special for us as we have been a keen supporter of IJL since we first exhibited  almost 10 years ago,” commented Sarah Ho.

Clare Adler commented: “Sarah Ho’s clever and subtle Numerati collection, in its 6 and 0 combination, is the perfect way for Editor’s Choice to celebrate IJL’s Jubilee year.”


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