IJL IN STILE ITALIANO Editor’s Choice award winner: Cesari Diffusione Di Simone Cesari


Criteria: A jewellery piece from an Italian exhibitor at IJL evoking Italy’s flair for impeccable craftsmanship and inspirational design

Winner: Cesari Diffusione Di Simone Cesari – Alla Schiava Bracelet

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The Cesari family jewellers have been creating jewellery since 1919. In 1994 Simone Cesari, the fourth generation, introduced a new company making luxury accessories which combine gold, sterling silver, diamonds and precious stones with precious materials such as reptile skin or the finest leather from Florence. As a result, Cesari created a synthesis between two characteristic Italian artisanal skills: jewellery and leather manufacture. The collection is mostly bracelets in four different widths for both women and men.  “Alla Schiava” is the ancient name of the bracelets that the ladies of the Roman Empire used to wear, inspired by those used to manacle the slaves and the gladiators. The winning piece is a rigid open bracelet covered with light blue lizard skin, decorated with 18 kt yellow gold, drops in natural turquoise and a small yellow sapphire.

Simone U. Cesari explained: “IJL 2015 offered us the chance to present a completely different collection from what has been seen up to now. I am confident that the cosmopolitan customers in the UK will appreciate this new collection and its new take on true Italian style. Being selected as an Editor’s Choice winner is a wonderful confirmation of this and we are proud of our work.”

Highly Commended: DDonna by Ruggero Broggian – Butterfly Collection

DDonna by Ruggero Broggian’s finely crafted butterfly pieces use a delicate combination of gold and precious stones to suggest the weightless beauty of pure flight. Crafted in 18 carat white, yellow and pink gold with diamonds set with pink, yellow and blue sapphires. These pieces are inspired by the everyday shapes found in nature: astonishingly simple creations which hide a deep complexity, and these basic shapes created by nature have inspired DDonna by Ruggero Broggian new collections.

“It is a great honour for us to be highly commended in the In Stile Italiano category in the Editor’s Choice selection this year. This award recognises our passion to create unique jewels made with the skilled craftsmanship associated with Italian Art. We hope that our concept of beauty is perfectly in tune with what women want. We are constantly looking for new styles, selecting precious stones from the best gem markets to create new designs that will become the jewels of the future. We are very grateful for this recognition as we debut as an exhibitor at IJL – and see this as a very rewarding start,” stated Ruggero Broggian.

Claire Adler added: “A first for IJL Editor’s Choice this year is our category for Italian jewellery design. Both the Alla Schiava bracelet and the Broggian Ruggero Butterfly Collection epitomise everyday luxury, a style the Italian designers have unequivocally mastered.”



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