Criteria: 5 to 6 pieces from the same collection with the winning collection featured on the IJL Runway

Winner: Mirka Janeckova Jewellery – White Collection


Mirka Janeckova  uses exclusively white materials – such as porcelain and sterling silver – for her ‘White Collection’  which is inspired by the meaning of the colour white, surrealism and the deep sea. Her techniques are a mixture of traditional goldsmithing as well as new ones which cast the porcelain in place. This technique creates a flowing connection between the ceramic and metal parts and gives an individual uniqueness to her rings. Porcelain pieces appear fragile but they are surprisingly durable with hardness 7 on the Mohs scale – the same as most semi-precious stones. Mirka, who designs for women who are free of convention and not afraid to dream, will introduce a new collection at IJL which incorporates pearls in the design.

Mirka Janeckova explains: ”I am very thrilled and proud to have won this award. I am honoured that my work is perceived as innovative and I will make sure I will carry on with more innovations and development in my future collections. I am happy that this award will bring a lot of attention to porcelain, material which has a great potential for the future shape of the jewellery industry.”

Claire Adler added: “Mirka Janeckova’s White Collection is the kind of jewellery that takes you a little bit by surprise, it makes you turn your head and do a double take. This makes it ideal for placing within a catwalk show, which is exactly what we’ll be doing with it at IJL this year.”