International Jewellery London has unveiled the trends that will be appearing on the show’s catwalk this September.

Curated by IJL trend editor, Rachael Taylor, the catwalk looks highlight four key concepts to inspire retailers.

The IJL catwalk will take place every day at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 along with the trade show’s very own bridal scene – High Spirits.


Rachael Taylor will also be hosting a seminar (Sunday 11am) on how catwalk trends realistically translate into helpful ideas for retailers, and how they can inspire the collections brands and designers are working on.

Here are the key trends set to impact to jewellery industry over the coming months, as written by trend editor Rachael Taylor for the IJL website:


Innovation in jewellery craft brings us surreal colour statements. Bespoke alloys or rhodium plating can transform gold into shades of fuscia, green, purple or black, while heat transforms titanium into peacock hues to stand out from, or blend in with, gemstones. Coloured enamel and ceramics add accents or form the basis of designs, while bright leathers, feathers and silks create tactile flashes of colour.


As technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives, we have a new appreciation for traditional crafts. Centuries-old jewellery techniques including filigree, millegrain, gemstone carving, granulation and enamelling are a refreshing alternative to mass production. Jewels that appear to have been made by hand or personalised tap into consumers’ desire for experiences over purchases. Look too for jewels that mimic a couturier’s skills – metal that crumples like fabric or creates lace-like patterns; gems that evoke the lavish of brocade; pearl embellishments.


The future is now. Geometric lines, 3D printing, abstract shapes and pixelated patterns make for exciting jewels inspired by the virtual worlds we inhabit. Delicate lines of diamonds or precious metal can be used to create cage shapes, spheres, open silhouettes. Jewellery embedded with tech gives us a glimpse into the future. Yet this trend has a retro side too, with romanticised 1960s-inspired visions of space exploration translated into heavy silver designs, glittering finishes, collars and cuffs, hoop earrings, celestial motifs, metallic spheres, Perspex and acrylics, and galactic gemstones like opals.


Ladylike styles are once again back in vogue with soft colour palates, elegant cuts and sophisticated styles that echo timeless glamour. Create sugary colourways with pretty pastel gemstones such as kunzite, rose quartz, morganite, pale amethyst, chalcedony and coral. Pearls of all shades are key to this trend, presented in modern styles as the hero of the design. Diamonds should be kept light in simple line bracelets, dotted on long chains or micro-set to create minimalist open silhouettes and fluid shapes. Botanical and floral motifs add some refined drama.