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IN DEPTH: Does Laings’ £10m upgrade mean it is going more high-end?


With the pandemic came one enduring trend reported by jewellers – higher average spend. When customers came through the door, they were there to buy and buy big.

This has naturally led retailers to respond by focusing more on the high-end side of the business, offering more products at a higher price point and possibly even shifting to a more high-end in-store experience.

Professional Jeweller is curious whether this is the motive behind Laings’ recently announced £10 million overhaul of a number of its showrooms, and whether we can expect more expensive pieces to adorn its shop windows in the near future.

Retail director Stuart McDowell is not so sure, however. He says: “We have always done high-end.

“I just think it hasn’t always been noticeable to all, and with this process we will highlight it and bring it to the forefront.

“So it’s not that we’ll be adding more high-end product, but it’s just re-emphasising what we already.”

To read more about Laings’ £10 million investment in brick-and-mortar click here, or listen to the audio podcast version on desktop or mobile below:

PJ PODCAST: Laings’ Stuart McDowell on £10m UK-wide expansion plans


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