Luxury house Chopard has unveiled its offer for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Embracing the season of gifting a loved one, Chopard has added pieces to its popular Happy Hearts and Happy Diamonds Icons lines.

Happy Hearts welcomes new short necklaces, featuring a coloured heart heart in onyx, mother-of-pearl, malachite or red stone, adorned on either side with two hearts bearing a dancing diamond. Likewise, the bangle bracelet, that most iconic expression of Happy Hearts, appears in an even more precious version. In addition to its large mother-of-pearl or diamond heart performing a graceful dance with a smaller heart gently framing the impulsive twirls of a dancing diamond, the bracelet is adorned for the first time with a dainty lateral diamond setting.


After a first watch presented in 2019, the Happy Hearts collection also introduces a new timepiece.

Elsewhere, Happy Diamonds offers talisman-like dancing diamonds for the season.

Whirling between two sapphire crystals, one or three dancing diamonds bring sparkling life to a new series of short necklaces in 18-carat white or rose gold, either polished or set with diamonds, completing the collection. They symbolise the impulses of the heart as well as every move of the women who wear them like precious talismans.

For the Haut Joaillerie Valentine’s offer, rubies take centre stage in the form of a striking necklaces featuring 23 Mozambican rubies and diamonds crafted in fair-mined gold, and a ring that showcase a 5ct ruby in the much-coveted pigeon’s blood colour.

Take a look at the romantic new offer here: